We have joined the Royal Horticultural society

We are very excited that we have joined the Royal Horticultural society. Gardening has lots of benefits for children, it benefits they’re tactile and sensory experiences, such as the feel and smell of the earth and plants they are growing. Growing their own fruit and vegetable can aid healthier eating, exciting children, when they dig up the earth and discover the hidden treasure of what vegetable has grown beneath, taking it indoors and then helping to prepare and cook what they have grown. Gardening also helps children to be responsible and patient, tending and looking after their plants, ensuring that they look after them properly, in order for them to grow. As it is now Winter we have been busy clearing our vegetable patch ready to sow in the spring, as well as planting some winter flowers to brighten our day. We are also in the process of buying the children some new gardening equipment from the money raised through our Autumn raffle. We will update you all regularly with our progress