This week the children have had an introduction, to the start of the Autumn term, based around the story of “Stickman”, they have collected sticks and leaves to use in their learning, which have been put to good use. Amongst other things, they created their own Stickman/woman, and have used them to create a narrative, using lots of great imaginative language, they have used sticks to help develop their fine motor skills, by using them as a painting tool, creating lovely swirly patterns. We have used them for measuring and sorting, and held our own “Highland games”, by long jumping, hurdles, relay and Javelin. We also used leaves and flowers to create beautiful window hangings, investigating the colour, smell and texture of the changing season.The children are also in the process of painting their self portraits, studying their features to transfer to paper, this is then being displayed on our Pre-school family tree, its a great way to celebrate the similarities and differences we all share

Royal Wedding bakers

We have some budding bakers on our hands, the children all worked together to create a Royal wedding cake, that any Prince or Princess would be proud off. The children firstly researched what wedding cakes looked like, how they were decorated, and the different flavours they could use, they then drew out their own designs, of how they thought it should look. We then worked together to weigh out, mix and bake the cakes, and then decorating it, we were able to choose different stamps that pressed out the shape we wanted, on icing we had rolled out, we had to work out how to push the icing out of the stamp mould, without the shape breaking, and then choosing where to put it on our cake, as well as our handmade flowers and butterflies, we added some sugar paper flowers. By working as part of a team, we created a beautiful 3 tiered wedding cake, that we enjoyed eating at our Royal tea party